Why You Should be Using Evergreen Content

First off, What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is applicable, useful, and timeless. As the name suggests, Evergreen Content is metaphorically compared with evergreen trees – the trees that remain green year-round. Similarly, evergreen content is always in season.

Now, we’re not saying you should always use evergreen content as a strategy for your website or social media. However, we will stress that while evergreen content is content that can and will be accessed in the future, having meaningful and specific content creates a loyal readership.

That all said, evergreen content is helpful to have on hand at all times and should not be overlooked in its useful timelessness.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You should be using Evergreen Content:
1. Easier Blog Management

If you’re like us and have several sites and brand personas to keep straight, evergreen content is your friend. Introducing content that applies to most people removes the guesswork of trying to sync up your brand with what people need.

Most evergreen content also incorporates popular keywords naturally due to its subject, so there’s less worry about trying to reshape your content to fit SEO.

2. High Search Engine Rankings

Due to the canonical usefulness of evergreen content generally generates a good ranking in search engines (assuming it is well-written and helpful). So as long as your evergreen posts are optimized with keywords and proper layout, they will do their job.

3. Continuous Lead Generation

As we mentioned, evergreen content is content that is relevant long after it has been written. In addition, the nature of the content, often informative information (How to’s and the like), is often the answer to commonly asked questions, thus bringing in more organic traffic, allowing your post to remain relevant and generate more leads over time.

4. Organic Site Traffic Site

Because your evergreen content will generate more leads over time, it can also create more traffic to your site. By incorporating links to previous content (as a reference back to older posted information), you can attempt to lead prospects to your website.

5. Why not?

While we still need to create relevant content (current events, modern references) regularly – your readers should still feel a personal touch – this content does time itself out, unfortunately. So why not incorporate some evergreen into your posts? The timeless benefits speak for themselves.

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