In 1957, two advertising executives drew a tanned, bald, muscular man who resembled a genie and named him Mr. Clean. And at that moment, a branding icon was born.

Ask yourself … what does this character have to do with an all-purpose household cleaner?  The answer is nothing; however, he embodies the values and qualities of the brand in a way that somehow allows consumers to relate to him. After he debuted on television in 1958, Mr. Clean became a star and catapulted Procter & Gamble’s product to be the best-selling household cleaner.

This story is an excellent example of the significant role that brand strategy plays in marketing.


The first thing that everyone needs to understand is that a ‘brand’ is not just a logo. It is way more. Your brand forms the foundation for building your business and consists of many moving parts. How you look and act, what you say and how your audience perceives you are some aspects of your brand. Your brand drives your company culture, and the lasting impression you leave behind is your brand. Therefore, your brand encompasses everything and is the most important asset you own as a business.


Why are you in business? To attract customers and sell your products or services? A solid, strong brand will increase customers’ chances of choosing your product or service over your competition. It is as simple as that, so it is crucial to strategize how you present your brand to the public.


Every business needs a tool that represents who they are. This tool (your brand) creates a connection with potential customers. Your brand should represent your company values, and through it, you can build a loyal customer base who will choose you over your competition. So, yes, you will be creating ‘Brand Love’ when everything you put out to the public is wrapped in your brand’s package, ensuring that you consistently fill your sales funnel by being top of mind in your target market.


Brand awareness is the first step in engaging a customer toward a purchase. Before a customer even thinks of buying from you, they need to know that your brand exists. During the brand awareness phase, you can showcase your brand values and personality and explain why it exists to your target market. A softer sell is usually better at this stage and will generally resonate with the right customers; however, the “offer” or performance marketing approach to brand awareness that is more direct, and persuasive is also an excellent way to go.


  1. Your brand is valuable. So, invest the time and care in your brand upfront – it will pay off in the long run.

  2. Make sure you focus on your brand’s unique difference, which will give it longevity.

  3. Be clear in understanding why your audience should care about your business, service, or product.

  4. Remember that your brand forms the foundation of every business decision you make moving forward. You cannot build anything of substance on a weak foundation.

  5. Ask yourself if your brand is memorable. Does it leave an impression, and can it hold its position within its vertical market?

  6. Does your brand stand for something? Ask yourself if it is meaningful, does it have a mission and a vision, and make sure that it aligns with your values and the culture you want to create.

  7. Make your brand distinct enough to be differentiated and stand out in the competitive landscape. Own it!

  8. Authenticity is critical, especially with today’s younger audience. But, more importantly, make sure that your brand aligns with your company objectives, resonates, and rings true with your target audience and yourself.

  9. A critical question to ask yourself is whether your brand is relevant or not. Be honest with yourself and make sure that it is set up to stand the test of time, engage the right customers, achieve awareness, and foster loyalty.

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