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Two Serbian (Romani) sisters opened a new business, sharing their 1000-year-old mysterious, secret culture and cuisine with the world through their unique range of sauces.

They wanted a brand and packaging to showcase Kultura Kafe Sauces as authentic and unique. Something "NEW" to the public looking for tastes they have never tried before.


We started by designing a logo and supporting brand assets that communicated the seductive and satisfying nature of these magical sauces.

We kept it all dark and mysterious. The brand's tone allows the public a peek into the mystique of the Romani (Gypsy) world.

We carried the brand's tone into the design of the packaging, labeling, website, and communication materials.


Our client was thrilled with the outcome of the brand and website, and they are selling the sauces through their online store, Farmer Markets, Fairs, and local Health Food Stores.

Their mantra is - Once you have tasted these delicious specialty sauces, you will be "hooked" and unable to live without them!

We can attest to that! 


“Kultura Kafe Designs are so cool! Love the packaging.”


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