Five Important Pages on your Website

As a company, it is crucial to have a game plan for marketing your business and brand. Your website is your company. So if you are wondering where to invest time and money, your website is the first place to start.

In an increasingly digital world, a prospect will likely check you out online before they approach you for more information or even to give you their business.

To make the most of a first impression, here are 5 Pages to pay attention to on your web page and why they matter:


As far as first impressions go, your Homepage is it. It is the portal to your business. If someone doesn’t like your Homepage, if it looks like you haven’t bothered to brand it or keep it updated, you are losing valuable business almost immediately. Our team at Vanswag will keep it current and updated, so give us a call, and we will take the time to help you present a beautiful first impression.

About Us

This page is a prospect’s second stop when they visit your website. So always keep your brand story engaging, strong and informative. People want to know two things when they visit “About Us”: what you do (that perhaps others don’t) and if your perspective is synergistic with theirs.


Blogs have a dual purpose. One is an opportunity to show your audience what you know, to give the customers a taste of how you can help them. The other is the platform to satisfy “Big Brother” – Google with the volume of content needed to feature on their search engine. You can never have enough blogs!

Well-written blogs can be funny and formal, and they can showcase the tone and voice of the company. If a prospect likes your blog, they will see you as a legitimate and likeable source and will be likelier to come to you in the future with their business.

Contact Us

Your Contact Page should have every piece of information required to get in touch with you.

Search Feature

Your website should be simple enough that even the least tech-savvy person can find the necessary information. However, it does happen that a visitor can’t remember where they discovered something important the last time they were on your site. On the off-chance that it happens, a search bar is helpful and will allow the information to be found with a click of a button.

You can add endless plugins and excellent features to your website as technology advances. So give us a call to chat about how our team at Vanswag can create a website for you that rocks!