Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms to forge new connections, increase opportunities, and show yourself in the best light. Conversely, an out-of-date profile is stale and will not encourage viewers to connect with you. Therefore, it is paramount to keep your profile updated. Here are 5 Reasons Why You should be Updating your […]

Five Important Pages on your Website

As a company, it is crucial to have a game plan for marketing your business and brand. Your website is your company. So if you are wondering where to invest time and money, your website is the first place to start. In an increasingly digital world, a prospect will likely check you out online before […]

Why You Should be Using Evergreen Content

First off, What is Evergreen content? Evergreen content is content that is applicable, useful, and timeless. As the name suggests, Evergreen Content is metaphorically compared with evergreen trees – the trees that remain green year-round. Similarly, evergreen content is always in season. Now, we’re not saying you should always use evergreen content as a strategy […]

Let People Know How Great You Are

Whether you own a business or you want to take the initiative to pitch a Social Media budget to your boss, know that it’s worth it. Want to know why? Social Media is about People. Not just your people but your customer and potential customer people too. It’s about meeting people and encouraging relationships. These […]


As with all technology, digital marketing evolves fast. As a result, what worked in the past may not get you the results you need in 2022. However, many new tools and techniques continuously appear to help digital marketers drive business online. Your business’s marketing strategy must continue to adapt to these changes to ensure that […]